Year 3 - Stone Age

Today we went back in time – back to the Stone Age!  We found out what it would have been like for the people who lived during the Stone Age and we took part in some activities which helped us to understand how hard life would have been. 


Stone Age objects

We were shown objects which would have been used during the Stone Age.  The objects included: reindeer fur, deer antlers, animal skulls and cooking equipment.

Den building

We had to build a shelter in the woods which would be big enough for 4 people.  We used branches, sticks and leaves to build our dens.  To make a successful den, we had to make sure it was stable and camouflaged.

Making flour

We learnt how to make flour from an ear of wheat.  First, we threshed the wheat to release the wheat seeds and the chaff.  After that, we learnt how to separate the wheat from the chaff through winnowing the threshed ear of wheat.  Finally, we used a large piece of granite to grind the separated wheat seeds down to flour.

Making bread
Using the flour, we made our own flat breads.  After we had made our dough, we cooked it on an open campfire.