Year 3

Wake up to Health and Fitness week!
Every morning, Year 3 have been 'waking up' with some dancing.  Check out their moves!
Tri golf

Four! On Monday, all of Year 3 tried Tri Golf for the first time. The young golfers enjoyed glorious sunshine as they improved their chipping and putting skills with a series of challenges. 


On Tuesday, Year 3 took part in a sponsored skip-a-thon, where they were encouraged to develop their agility, balance and coordination all through skipping.  All of the money raised will go to charity.  The children had fun skipping on their own, in groups and skipping around the perimeter of the school field!

Eat Well Chef

On Wednesday morning, all of the children put on their chef hats to take part in the Eat Well Chef award.  To achieve the award, the children had to learn about kitchen safety and food hygiene.  Then it was time cook! Using their new knife skills, the children prepared peppers, tomatoes, mozzarella and naan bread to make their own naan bread pizzas!  They were delicious.

Handball competition

On Wednesday afternoon, the children in Havanna and Hester learnt how to play handball.  It was tricky at first, remembering to only take 3 steps, but they picked it up in the end.  See the inta-school sports page for more information about our competition.

Blyth Rugby Club
As the Rugby World Cup is coming to England in September, Blyth Rugby club are teaming up with schools in Blyth to celebrate the event.  On Thursday, Year 3 visited Blyth Rugby club and worked with the coaches to develop their rugby skills!  Everyone had a fantastic morning playing rugby in the sunshine.  A big thank you to all of the wonderful parents who came along to watch the children play.
Team work skills

Prior to sports day, the children in Year 3 wanted to improve their team work skills.  Through a range of challenges, the children developed their problem solving, perseverance and communication skills.  Everyone now understands the important role that every member of their team plays.  What a fantastic lesson!