Outstanding Contribution to PE Award

Outstanding contribution to PE award 2016-17

KS1: Jessica May

Jessica has shown an outstanding amount of determination and resilience in PE throughout this academic year and as a result has progressed rapidly in the subject. Jessica has demonstrated that she can perform a range of skills across a whole host of different activities including Dance, Gymnastics, Games and Athletics. In addition to this, Jessica has demonstrated the ability to communicate well with others, when working as part of a pair or group, and is able to give constructive feedback in order to help her peers improve. She sets an example for the other children in her class to follow by always bringing the correct kit to lessons and showing a positive attitude to every activity that she takes part in. Well done on your fantastic achievements this year in PE Jessica!


KS2: Dylan Merilo

Dylan has come a long way in PE this year inside and outside of lessons. It has been frequently noted how Dylan is always willing to give 100% effort to help and support others and this has shone through with his work as a sports leader. Dylan was appointed as a sports leader at the start of the academic year and the confidence he now demonstrates when leading and instructing others is outstanding. He has been committed to the role regardless of any challenges he has been faced with. The children that he has worked with at lunch times have learned a great deal from Dylan due to his enthusiastic and approachable manner. He is a role model for lots of children to look up to in the school. Dylan has also worked incredibly hard within PE lessons this year and has developed a range of skills in the subject. His ability to lead others stands out in every lesson as he helps his peers to progress by providing high quality feedback. Congratulations Dylan on your outstanding achievements in PE this year.