Newsletter 9th September 2016

Friday 9th September

Welcome Back

We hope everyone has had a good summer and managed to get down to enjoy the fantastic week-end of the Tall Ships Regatta. We would also like to say a big welcome to any children and families that are joining us for the first time.

Our children have settled back into their classes so well – we feel the transition week in July has really benefitted them. We know the mornings are very busy on the yard and it’s not always possible to speak to the class teacher, but if you need to speak to a member of staff there are several of us around on the yard or you can contact the school office.


Unfortunately Ofsted did not send out the report draft over the holidays so it will probably be another couple of weeks before we get the final copy to go out to parents. However I can tell you that they are happy with the steps we have been taking to improve things at Malvin’s over the last year so we will be continuing this work over the coming year.

Parent feedback has really helped us in making some of the changes and we will continue to ask your opinion. It was great to see everyone enjoy the end of year reviews in July and we have therefore decided that this year we will run parents’ evenings over two evenings to allow a bit longer for each appointment.

Uniform & Routines

The children have looked so smart in the uniforms this week and the children, as well as staff and parents, have commented on the positive difference everyone in black shoes has made. (This has actually been part of the school uniform for years but hasn’t been reinforced.) Most of the     children have done really well in having their correct PE kit as well so we look forward to seeing them keep up this good work!

Over the summer we have had new water filters and dispensers installed. These are much more hygienic than the previous water fountains, however children will need to have a water bottle. We do have school water bottles available from the office. They should bring their water bottle in every morning (full) and then fill it if needed throughout the day. It’s good for them to get into the habit of taking them home every night to be washed.


Please remember to ensure we have your updated contact information, especially if you change your phone number.