Newsletter - 8th September 2017

8th September 2017

Newsletter 8th September 2017

Friday 8th September 2017
Diary Dates

Friday 15th September—Zumba session (2pm-3pm)
Week commencing 18th September—After school clubs start
Week commencing 18th September—Music lessons start
Tuesday 26th September & Tuesday 3rd October—Parents Evenings
Friday 29th September—Macmillan Coffee Morning 

A New Year Begins

The benefits of starting our transition to new classes in July was very evident as all our children came in so quickly and settled so well straight away on Wednesday morning. As well as looking so smart in full uniform, they have settled very quickly into this term's learning activities. 

 Please remember that if you have any queries or wish to speak to staff there are a lot of staff on the yard every morning and if you ring school to speak to a member of staff someone will return your call as soon as possible. It may not always be possible for you to speak to your child's class teacher straight away as their priority is getting the children settled and are teaching throughout the day, however they always try to get back to parents and carers as quickly as possible, or ask someone else to make contact on their behalf. 

Poverty Proofing the School Day

Overleaf is a letter from Children North East who we have invited into school for the full week next week to support one of this year's school targets to maximise the impact of the funding we receive to support    children from lower-income families, and also to share their expertise in looking for ways to enable ALL our children to have equal access to the opportunities we offer appropriate to their ages. Cat Patterson is the team member in our school and will be out on the yard next week to talk to parents.

Crossing Patrol Update

The County Road Safety Officer has been in touch to inform us that they are planning to start a new crossing patrol for the vacant site outside of the school on  Albion Way from next Monday. 

The usual reminders!

As we get back into routines we would just like to take this opportunity to remind parents of these         routines:

  •  Any changes of contact details need to be updated at the school office as soon as possible.
  •  Any forms for contacts or permission forms to be returned as soon as possible.
  •  Children are encouraged to bring water bottles into school, especially as it is still warm and these can be re-filled during the day from our filtered water sources. Please note that children should not be bringing juice or sugary water in, except in any packed lunches which are only for lunchtime. They were all using their bottles regularly at the end of the summer term.
  •  Children coming to school on their scooters or bikes must dismount at the school gates and walk them to the cycle shelters. They should not be ridden around the school yard. 
  •  Adults are asked not to smoke around the school gates, not to bring dogs onto the school yard (including being carried) or tie them up at the entrances to school.

We also ask that adults on the yard and around the school entrances ensure they are not using, or displaying, inappropriate language when children are around.