Marking and Feedback at Malvin's

We have updated our Marking and Feedback Policy ready for our transition week from the 11th July with our new classes and from September. 
Here at Malvin's it is all about Learning! Our marking and feedback is a very key part of that and we involve the children in the process too. They are becoming very good at giving quality peer feedback to each other and being self reflective about their own learning journey.
Following some staff training, we are going to have an Austin's Butterfly morning on Monday 11th January. This is to develop the children's quality of feedback to each other even further and, their self reflection skills about their own progress. 
You can watch the video yourself below to see what a positive impact quality feedback has on children's learning and progress.
Following our Austin's Butterfly day in January, we have created displays demonstrating what we have learnt about effective feedback and we are using it in all areas of our learning